Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It is hard to believe our adventure with the Galloway calves began on November 6. 

The Bull Named Sue was born on the night of November 11 and is now 13 days old.
Because we were concerned that Big Girl was so large, we took her into the vet to be safe over the Thanksgiving holidays and have been patiently waiting for her to give birth to the final calf.  Early Saturday morning, she delivered a beautiful little heifer and they stayed with the vet until Monday, December 4 to make sure they bonded.    Betty at the vet made sure the calf was getting enough milk before we took her home.

She is definitely smaller and more feminine.

 Needless to say "Sue" is a lot bigger and is beginning to frolic and knows the golf cart means milk.  He is the cutest little bull and is getting stronger every day.

Betty told us how to transition Sue from a bottle to a bucket and we are going to start training him to do that this week.  In three to four months, Jack and I will not be able to hold the bottle.  And those hooves will be a lot bigger.

I dressed for winter weather this morning.  Today it is 54F (12C) with no rain.  Tomorrow the prediction is 39F (4C) with rain. 

Many of you know that I am the quilter not the outside daughter or the farmer!

Jack, Sue, Big Girl, New Calf

For comparison, the new calf is in the pen with Momma (Big Girl)

Aunt Mitten continues to take care of the first calf.  The real Momma has already moved on......
Aunt Mitten and Sue
I am afraid we are going to bore you with baby pictures.   But what a time we are having. 


  1. No problem boring us with your pictures! We love the adventure and appreciate that you are having the adventure, not me!

  2. Thank you for sending the link. I love the calves. They are as cute as their moms. So glad I'm not having to feed them today...stay warm and dry.