Saturday, June 9, 2018

I wish I had more time to blog.  There are so many wonderful and fun things that happen every day but somehow I never take the time to write about them.

However, I had to share this with you all.  Everyone who comes to visit always asks if I have ever seen a hummingbird nest.  I explain that the nest is usually only a couple inches big and made of lichen and usually in a live oak tree.  And I have never seen one. 

My darling daughter Nancy was out looking at the cows on May 29 and enjoying the day when she saw a hummingbird fly into a tree.  She sat there on the golf cart watching and waiting and was rewarded to see the female come back to a live oak tree.  Here is what she saw.  Click on each photo to see a larger view.

It looks like a couple branches, right?   Look closer at the lower branch.

Now look at the momma sitting on her nest. Do you think she blends in?  This picture was taken today, June 9.  I knew where to look for the nest but it still took me five minutes to find it.

She watched me the entire time I was there but didn't move from her job.

On May 29, there was one egg in the nest.  We have not disturbed her since.
According to iBird, a black-chinned hummingbird lays one to three eggs and incubates them for 13-16 days.  This is day 10.  I will be checking the nest from afar each day in hopes of seeing them hatch.

According to the Internet, it will take them 21 days before they will be ready to leave the nest.

Perhaps this is the reason we feed so many hummingbirds in June.  So far we have gone through 225 pounds of sugar.