Monday, June 2, 2014

Centennial Quilt - 2014

So twelve days later, the Centennial Quilt has been pieced.  The original quilt was 64 x 80 1/2 inches.  The new quilt is 70 5/8 x 84 1/2 inches.  The original plain block was 5" finished and the new plain block is 5.5 inches  The sashing in the old quilt was 2.5 inches in width and the new sashing is 3 inches.  The difference in size was caused by the reproduced fabric stripes being a little bit larger.

I found that Terry Clothier Thompson designed the reproduction fabric in 2008.  You can find out more about this fabric on Barbara Brackman's blog  I have emailed Terry Clothier Thompson to see why she decided to reproduce this fabric (whether she just had a scrap or she had seen a quilt with the fabric) but have not heard from her as yet.

Luckily I purchased 4 yards which was just enough fabric for the sashing and border.  After joining the blocks and short sashing together, I sewed the longest diagonal sashings first to make sure I was going to have enough fabric.

I am pleased with the quilt because the measurements of the quilt are very close to being the same for the top, bottom, and sides  Considering everything was on the diagonal, it was a good challenge.

So the next step is to baste the quilt.  I am going to use a plain off-white fabric for the back.  As mentioned previously, the old quilt was machine-quilted so I am going to try to do the same thing but with an electric sewing machine rather than a treadle machine.