Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrating the U.S. Centennial Quilt is Finished

Now three months later, the Centennial Quilt is finished.  I entered it in the Vereins Quilt Show held Labor Day weekend 2014.  I did not have time to do all that needed to be done but I also didn't want to withdraw the quilt.    The judge said the binding rippled and that more quilting would help the puffiness.  No Kidding!   Since I had put the binding in 12 hours during the night, I felt that was a pretty good critique.  This past week, I took the binding off, quilted the horizontal and vertical lines that I had not had time to do, trimmed the binding, reapplied the binding, and then blocked the quilt on the design wall.  It is now drying.  Again, the quilter of 1876 was amazing.    This quilt turned out to be a Labor of Love.    I am now more pleased with the result and hope the blocking will make the quilt lay flat.