Wednesday, May 6, 2020

May 6.   I think this is week 6.  Kind of depends on when we started staying at home -- March 23 here in Texas.    Carolyn and I have been busy trying to make masks and complete our many unfinished projects.  Since the days seem to run together and I sometimes ask myself what have I accomplished, these pictures help me realize I did get some things accomplished. 

Here are some of the masks we have made.

This quilt was started probably in 2006/2007 and was a sample for a 5-inch fabric exchange.  All it needed was quilting in the border so I practiced machine quilting.   It's ready for the Fourth of July!

Here's a little quilt pattern I got off the Internet years ago (like more than 10). Just needed binding.  

And here are two leftover blocks from a fox quilt I made for a neighbor.   Again, just needed binding.  Are you detecting a pattern here?

This is a quilt based on one Carmen's many scrap designs.   I made the blocks using 3-inch squares.  And because I just couldn't make it simple, I organized the fabrics by color.    The back is made and it now needs to be quilted.   The border fabric was gleaned from one of the quilt haus wastebaskets. 

Just to let you know, I don't normally do this any longer.   I have more than enough fabric scraps.   However, this was an ENTIRE border.

Finally, here is the fruit tablecloth that usually sits on the table in the quilt haus.  It was damaged by a bleach bottle set on top of it.   I have been searching for years to find the plum fabric which had been damaged.  I decided to give up and patch it with some blackberries. 

I have many more projects waiting on the shelves but I do think I am making progress.   Needless to say, the lockdown may need to last a year.

Stay home, stay safe, and wear your mask.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Thought I would start documenting again, what is happening here in the Texas Hill Country.  It's week 4 of the "new normal".    When did everyone start talking about the "new normal"?   I have been hearing this phrase for the last year.  Turns out the phrase is an economic phrase from 2007/2008.   Turns out I had a few problems putting the photos in this edition. 

So my "normal" is feeding the hummingbirds.   We had a late cold front come through Sunday so all the black-chinned hummers are really eating to keep warm.  We are now filling the 8 feeders twice a day.  Here is the morning frenzy. 

After filling the feeders, I worked on some of my many quilting projects.   In the "new normal", I have a lot more time to sew.   And it helps me to avoid the housework, I should be doing.

I have been making masks for family, friends, and neighbors.  No need to go to the Essential Store to buy fabric, I have my own store that I have accumulated over 60 years.  Here are some examples:

I decided last week to start using many of the strips I have cut over the years to make Bonnie Hunter placemats using the Row by Row license plates I collected.  I alternate between making placemats and

making 8" half square triangle blocks using a Pat Speth technique using 5 inch strips.   It is a method to sew-off when making blocks for another quilt.  The yellow and blue fabric is from 1960!!!!

Finally, I really wanted to make a fun quick quilt while making the masks so I found the San Antonio Spurs fabric I bought to make Jack a quilt.   The BQ2 pattern was perfect and quick.   Just required a little thought since the fabric was directional.   Here it is.

My only concern as I continue sewing is that I will have a lot of quilts that need quilting when life returns to normal

Stay home, stay safe, and wear your mask.