Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Thought I would start documenting again, what is happening here in the Texas Hill Country.  It's week 4 of the "new normal".    When did everyone start talking about the "new normal"?   I have been hearing this phrase for the last year.  Turns out the phrase is an economic phrase from 2007/2008.   Turns out I had a few problems putting the photos in this edition. 

So my "normal" is feeding the hummingbirds.   We had a late cold front come through Sunday so all the black-chinned hummers are really eating to keep warm.  We are now filling the 8 feeders twice a day.  Here is the morning frenzy. 

After filling the feeders, I worked on some of my many quilting projects.   In the "new normal", I have a lot more time to sew.   And it helps me to avoid the housework, I should be doing.

I have been making masks for family, friends, and neighbors.  No need to go to the Essential Store to buy fabric, I have my own store that I have accumulated over 60 years.  Here are some examples:

I decided last week to start using many of the strips I have cut over the years to make Bonnie Hunter placemats using the Row by Row license plates I collected.  I alternate between making placemats and

making 8" half square triangle blocks using a Pat Speth technique using 5 inch strips.   It is a method to sew-off when making blocks for another quilt.  The yellow and blue fabric is from 1960!!!!

Finally, I really wanted to make a fun quick quilt while making the masks so I found the San Antonio Spurs fabric I bought to make Jack a quilt.   The BQ2 pattern was perfect and quick.   Just required a little thought since the fabric was directional.   Here it is.

My only concern as I continue sewing is that I will have a lot of quilts that need quilting when life returns to normal

Stay home, stay safe, and wear your mask.